T-Mobile / TMF

by Pascal Immerzeel on 08/7/2005

This commercial for T-Mobile has been tailored for the Dutch TV channel TMF.
It was to promote their joined Pre-Paid package deal with lots of extra goodies.
Animated in Adobe After Effects.


The tag-on for later in the commercial block.


Animation by Pascal Immerzeel
Illustration by Arjen de Jong
3D modeling by Lemonade
Produced by Shop Around

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Summer of MTV

by Pascal Immerzeel on 06/17/2004

For MTV’s Summer of MTV I animated three bumpers.
Toko took still photos in and around Rotterdam. They sized the actor’s head a little bigger than natural, giving it a bit kid-like, freaky look.

The bumpers where sunrise, sunblock and sunset. These where respectively shown in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Animated in Adobe After Effects.




Animation by Pascal Immerzeel
Illustration by Toko
Produced by Shop Around

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Frankenstahl game

by Pascal Immerzeel on 02/6/2004

To get students more interested in the metal industry. OOM wanted an online game.
Frankenstahl was created!
You had to create a giant robot! Put together from different, preferably metal, parts.
Animated and developed in Flash.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod="dynamic" fversion="9.0.0" movie="http://www.immerzeelpictures.com/wp-content/uploads/frankenstahl1.swf" width="580" height="435" targetclass="flashmovie" /]

Illustration by Vince
Animation by Shamrock
Production by Colombo Amsterdam

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DS Landschapsarchitecten

by Pascal Immerzeel on 06/6/2001

DS’ website is timeless. This was the first website I made as a freelancer, back in 2001.
In 2008 they changed the house style from red-on-black to orange-on-white.

Koen Hauspy did a great design, keeping it minimalistic and clean.
Developed in PHP / MySQL.

DS Landschapsarchitecten

Programming by Pascal Immerzeel
Design by Koen Hauspy

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